The firm started in 1978 as a propritorship firm when Mr. Ashwani Gupta qualified as a CA.

Since then, the firm is marching ahead by providing professional services in every field to reputed clients.

The founder also served the Jalandhar chapter of ICAI as the chairman in 2010-11.

To equip with the deep knowledge of law lexicon, the founder also underwent the professional course of L.L.B. and stood first in the university and was awarded gold medal.

To compete in the field of IT, the founder of the firm also obtained diploma of Information System Audit of the ICAI(DISA) .

  • The firm has been adapting to the environment and with the continuos change in the methodology, the firm has come a far way from manual audit work to technologically enrich work.

  • The range of services provided by the firm has been ever increasing according to the needs of the clients.

Working as a team

We at Ashwani Gupta and Associates work as a team to provide the best services to the clients. The chartered accountants at AGASS have got extensive knowledge of disparate fields to assist the clients in all the areas.

From the topmost position to the base employees, everyone is equipped with the required knowledge to accomplish the task entrusted to him. Everyone at AGASS works with clear expectations, context, committment, competence, control, collaboration, communication, innovation and co-ordination. Everone makes sure that the desired results are achieved.

  • Proprietorship to Partnership

    In 2011, the firm became partnership concern when Rupansh Gupta also qualified as a Chartered accountant making it a partnership firm of three partners.
  • Rupansh Gupta is qualified CA,MBA,CFA,MFA,B.Com Hons. He got an award for obtaining the highest marks in CA examination in India. Apart from it, he is also the author of 'The Sojourn'.


Business Services

  • Benchmarking
  • Bookkeeping/accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Business start-up
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Financial Planning


  • Management Consulting
  • Office Duties
  • Payroll Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Software Solutions

Tax and Audit

  • Strategic planning
  • Audit
  • FBT
  • GST
  • Taxation
  • Acquisitions & Mergers

Estate Planning

  • Charitable Trusts
  • Company Secretary
  • Farm Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Special Services

  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Company Secretary
  • Estate Planning
  • Farm Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting